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A project to empower new holders and creators out there

About Us

We believe that NFTs are the future, far beyond profile pictures. However, all evolution must start from one place and with it comes learning and evolution. By doing, we learn, by living, we evolve.

Boo Things was a project to open the doors of the NFT universe to more people. We believe in the experience that this community is capable of promoting, so we believe that everyone should live and learn from this experience, no matter the budget.

We are now a community dedicated to empowering our holders and helping new creators achieve their goals in the web 3.0 market.


When Will Boo Things Launch?

Boo Things will be released in two stages. On May 7th, the minting for the whitelist will take place, giving everyone in the list the opportunity to catch their ghosts without rush and without competition for 24 hours.

On May 8th, the release to the public will happen and everyone will be able to get their ghost for free.

Price & Mint Amount

Your first ghost is free!

However to ensure that everybody can participate free of charge, we created an anti-greed and anti-bot system. The price starts at 20 MATIC after your first free ghost and then will double with each new mint.

All money received through this system will go back to the community. 50% will be donated to and 50% will be used to purchase NFTs that will be raffled off among community members.

Why a whitelist if ghosts are free?

This is a way to generate awareness and engagement, as each place on the list guarantees a free ghost.

In addition, it is another layer of security against bots. Our goal is to have as many people as possible on our list, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to join our community.

How can I get a whitelist slot?

Joining our discord and participating in our community. We have events, missions and giveaways all the time. We are going to mint plenty of ghosts so there will be no shortage of opportunities for you to win your spot.

Do You Have a Roadmap?

Our roadmap is about creating an amazing experience for our community and opening the doors of the NFT universe to everyone. We have several ideas to be put into practice once the community is formed, join our Discord to learn more about it.

The artist

This project was conceived, created and developed by Kaio Medau, a Brazilian designer passionate about technology and crypto enthusiast.

Although Kaio executed the idea, this collection was only possible thanks to the support of our community.

A project to empower new holders and creators out there